Sara Margrethe Oskal (NO)

Sami scriptwriter, director and actress. Born 1970 in Kautokeino.

Sara Margrethe Oskal was a reindeer herder until she had to make a choice between the Arts and the traditional lifestyle. She chose the Arts and has ever since been a strong voice within Sami literature, theatre and films.

She started out as an actress and holds a PhD in performing Arts from Oslo National Academy, Norway, researching “Sami humour and jester tradition in yoik, storytelling and contemporary stage expressions”. As a result of that she made the award winning one woman show “The Whole Caboodle” which she has been performing in festivals worldwide making people laugh and cry of her hilarious stories and stage presence.

She is also an experienced screenwriter and poet and her literature is translated into English, French, Breton, Finnish, Hungarian and German. In 2016 she was nominated to the Nordic Council’s Literature prize with the poetry book «savkkuhan sávrri sániid.

In 2015 she made her debut as a film director with the short film “Aurora Keeps an Eye on You”. Her second short film “Daughter of the Sun” premiered in Sydney Film festival in 2018 and is now touring festivals worldwide.

She is currently developing new scripts and for the past years she has also been working with dubbing children films into Sami language.

Basic info

Main profession: Director
Born: 1970
Active: 2010-


Beaivvi nieida (2018)
Guovssahsas oaidná du (2015)

Jenta med fiskesmykket (2017)
Ara (2016)
Áile ja Áhkku (2015)
Juletrollet (2012)
Misa mi (2003)
Stol på ministeren! (1997)
Skáidi (1995)
Brødrene dal og legenden om Atlant-Is (1994)

Read more about the films at Svensk Filmdatabas (SE)

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